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Our History

In 1982, FARES emerged as a trailblazing brand during a time when high-quality footwear options were scarce. It became the pioneer in offering authentic, traditional footwear that was sorely missing from the market. This introduction was a significant addition as it provided customers with a diverse range of collections, surpassing the conventional calf leather options. FARES presented an exquisite selection of rich leathers and designs, showcasing their commitment to variety and exceptional craftsmanship.

With A Strong Emphasis On Elegance

The story of FARES is based on the fusion of elegant design with an Arabian touch. They have ventured into the world of footwear, creating art pieces that are crafted with extreme attention to detail and a strong emphasis on elegance.

FARES is a brand that originated in the United Arab Emirates and has since become a must-have in many shoe collections across the GCC region. With decades of experience in the footwear industry, FARES has continuously pushed boundaries, challenging traditional styles and embracing modern designs. With FARES’ innovative approach and commitment to exceptional design, FARES has earned its place as a leading footwear brand in the region. Their collection has become a staple for the elegant Arabian man, offering a range of footwear options that perfectly blend style and sophistication.